Tips in Choosing a Reputable Jewelry Appraiser

There are lots of reasons to for an individual to visit a jewelry appraiser. It could be that you wanted to sell your diamonds and you want to know the highest price rate it could offer you, or you simply want to know the insurance of your treasures. Here are the following factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing a reputable jewelry appraiser.

Independence of the appraiser

The first thing that you should consider is the independence of the jewelry appraiser. Choose an expert who is not selling or buying diamonds so that you will be able to get an unbiased opinion from them. Make sure that he is independent. Getting your diamonds appraised will help you to determine the highest price rate your diamond ring can offer, the highlights, and the condition of it right now.

Fees of the appraiser

You should also consider the charge of the appraiser. As much as possible, do not hire appraisers that tend to charge a percentage of the value of your diamonds. Make sure that you do not also pay them to give you a biased comment about your jewelry.
The charges of the appraiser will most likely be based on the size of the diamond that he is going to evaluate and the complexity of your jewelry. Always remember that the bigger your stone is, the more time it would require the appraiser to appraise properly.

Gemology qualifications of the appraiser

The gemology qualifications of the appraiser are important because you will be able to determine if he/she is qualified to evaluate the value of your diamond ring. Before you finally hand him your precious jewelry, it is important that you ask for certifications first. An appraiser that had been already trained in gemology is what you are looking for. You should hire appraisers with G.G. after their initials because it is an indication that the appraiser is the graduate in gemology.

Credentials of the appraiser

The knowledge of the appraiser about gemology is very important. You should make sure that your appraiser does not only know how to examine the physical characteristics of the diamond ring but also to give value to it as well.
Make sure that you choose an appraiser who had been thoroughly trained in the evaluation of the diamond, not just a graduate of gemology. If he claims that he is well-accredited, the best way to prove it is to ask for his certifications.
Being one of the good-standing members of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisals, American Society of Appraiser, American Gem Society, and International Society of Appraisers will help you to ensure that your appraiser is credible and trustworthy.

Now that you know how to choose a reputable appraiser, you will be able to determine the true value of your jewelry. Use the tips in choosing the right appraiser for you. In case you don’t have any idea where to start, you can visit LuxuryBuyers.com .